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Those who work in the home office usually do without the business cloakroom and make themselves comfortable. Some women also like to leave their bra off — find that more pleasant. But topless outside of your own four walls still arouses people today. For most women, a bra belongs in the wardrobe as naturally as socks. There is no question about it — so it seems to many: if a woman leaves the house, goes to work, she wears a bra. But that this does not have to be a matter of course was discussed decades ago.

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Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Fun Fact. Hot Voided Vessel [f]. You are a vessel of this Disorder, driven to collect the final two souls your body is tasked to hold. One, the right-hand of the Devil, Jeon Jungkook. And two, the Devil himself, Min Yoongi. How to obtain them?

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By fucking, but on the Devil's terms, because when the Devil is involved, his domain regains supreme. AU - Hell! AU; Devil! Yoongi x chaos! Jungkook and switches between their POVs. The world attempts to make sense of and organize things as if it knows. Everything must have a reason, an explanation, a why, until you get deeper and deeper, realizing biology is only chemistry, and chemistry is only physics, and physics is only math, and math is… simply theory.

A hope of truth, clawing together the chaos. But the real truth is, all order comes from disorder. To organize means to be disorganized from the start. Beings of Order are not supposed to touch Disorder, not directly. It trickles down, slowly flowing though, a part of life everyone has, but no one can harness. Senseless moments brushed off as nothing. To encounter such a concentrated form, well, surely, nothing good can come of it. Would he learn anything at all?

Did he care? But he had time. He had forever. And he had souls, for he could consume them, an amalgamation of all the consumptions combined. The original Devil. The many faces thereafter. The current, Min Yoongi. His right-hand demon would lose a soul shard and become yours, just like the rest of them. Infatuated, consumed, blinded. He was a fool for agreeing so easily, clouded by anger and lust. But that was no matter.

If eventually the Devil decided he wanted to change faces, it would no longer be a problem. You sat in the center of the bed, holding the black goat-man plush to your chest, squeezing his leather hooves, legs tucked under you. Jeon Jungkook, long black hair in messy and tangled curls, clinging to his cheeks and forehead. A cut on his high, tanned cheekbone from fighting the chains, dark red blood coagulated. Sharp jaw tensed, borderline fury and uninhibited deviance. Dark brown eyes with an exquisite shape, forever memorable. His black suit was torn up, blazer and dress shirt hanging by thre and exposing his toned chest.

He made no move to correct it. Shorter black hair, pointed, more intrusive dark eyes. Paler, standing out against the black. The faintest trace of a smile on pink lips, a face with predatory feline grace.

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He was shorter than Jungkook, not as heavily built. Slim and sharpened, deadly like a sword. Hands in his pockets, suit pristine. There was no mistaking who was in charge here. Goosebumps on his skin at the younger demon's hot breath.

Yoongi felt the sides of his lips curve upwards, tilting his head slightly so Jungkook's voice drifted on more of his neck. Still not looking at him, eyes on yours. Jungkook stepped closer, body barely brushing against his, body heat radiating.

Where are they? Yoongi's eyes bored into yours, his own flaring with sparks of red. Voice deepening, taking up the whole room. He doubted you would be affected by his persuasive power. It wasn't for your sake. You smiled that little smile. Yoongi held up a hand, preventing Jungkook from touching him.

The younger demon whined, but he paid it no mind. You lowered the little goat-man, placing him on the nightstand. You reached to the high collar, to the zipper of the dress. The pull was shaped like a cross. A cute joke.

Down it went, smooth, revealing your neck, waiting to be bitten. Exposing your collarbones, a small tattoo in the center just below them, at the top of your sternum. An upside-down pentagram with two rings around it.

Most likely christened on that smooth skin before you became what you are now. A sweet little foreshadowing. Right below the tattoo, there they were. Thin diamonds, needle-like black gems that gleamed red and purple, pulsing as if they were alive, embedded in your skin below your tattoo and above the swell of your breasts.

The demon soul shards, five of them in a semicircle, with an empty space at the center and one at the bottom left, not yet filled. Your flesh was indented in those two spots, clearly waiting for Jeon Jungkook and the Devil. That made you a human, bedded with shards of high demon soul, soiled with Disorder.

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Yoongi eyes widened, realization streaking through him. Something flickered in the vacancy of your eyes, torn back down by ice-silver. He narrowed his eyes as you lowered the zipper more, revealing the black lace bra molded to your breasts. He heard Jungkook suck in a tight breath, pressing himself against Yoongi, drawn to the power, intoxicated by it. The room rippled, his power manifesting in time and space, creating a pocket of Hell itself.

Black shadows wrenched open every crack, snaking out and crawling all over, long spider-liker arms ending in elongated claws, skittering, skittering, rushing towards the bed, pawing at the black sheets. Advancing on you, threatening, more and more and more, black shadows twisting and writhing, trying to get to your legs.

The air shimmered with red, almost as if it was on fire. Seams on the thin shadowy arms opened, bloodshot eyes rolling in their sockets until they fixated on your form on the bed, quivering slits of black pupils surrounded by red irises. The hands sank into the sheets, claws flexing, almost touching you. Like a black arrow, Jungkook lunged at the bed, launching himself above the eyeball-covered shadows, crushing them, sending jets of gushing blood across the sheets, soaking them red, and yet the hands stroked his muscular fit body, lingering before he appeared before you, dark brown orbs gleaming with red and black flecks, his power amplified by Yoongi bringing Hell to the surface.

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They were large and sharp, framing his strong features with more strength. He hesitated, seeing the look in your eyes. You dug your fingers into the bed and whimpered, catching your lower lip between your teeth, gazing at him with half-lidded eyes.