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Anne sex

An intimate record book, this handy diary is the place where all those secrets can be privately remembered.

Anne Sex

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Adulting January Random Acts of Kindness. Martin Luther King Jr. Kaylan PeekLifestyle Editor January 12, Despite societal progressions, sexual health remains a taboo subject for many.

The topic of sexual education is often treated as an afterthought, which does nothing but leave people in the dark about important information. Students were called to put their knowledge to the test with a brief sexual health quiz. Yes, it is possible, but there is a very small chance that it will happen because these organisms cannot live long on hard surfaces.

More than half of the participants answered correctly. Good job, fellow students! Whew, the response was mixed on this one. Only Sperm can live for up to five days in the body. Now, this might have been a little bit of a trick question.

See a problem?

The specific type of infection in question was never stated. Peeing after sex is an effective way to flush out bacteria from the urethra and prevent bacterial infections like UTIs. However, it does not prevent the contraction of STIs or pregnancy.

Luckily, most students were able to correctly identify infections that were curable. While Herpes is treatable, but there currently is no solution to permanently remove herpes. Sexual assault not only includes nonconsensual sexual activity but unwanted sexual activity.

If you have to ask repeatedly or berate someone into consent — that counts as assault. The collected from this quiz show that sexual health knowledge levels are varying.

Brain sex: the real difference between men and women

Students are more knowledgeable in some areas than others. And this can be expected as everyone comes from different backgrounds and schooling. Conceivably with more promoted information and less negative stigma around the topic, sexual education will indeed be common for all. What is ? Words We Should Stop Using. Furry Friends in Statesboro. Stress Relief in Statesboro. Tips for Finals Week. How to: Friendsgiving. Herty Building reopens after coffee pot fire.

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