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Analplug für männer

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Analplug Für Männer

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Butt plugs are among the most common sex toys that people put in their butt. The key thing to know about butt plugs is that you're meant to pop them in your anus and keep them there; that's the main way they differ from other booty toys such as dildos and anal bewhich are deed for in-and-out penetration. They're a great way to ease into butt stuff, which feels good for so many reasons—regardless of your sexual orientation, BTW. In addition to stimulating those nerve endings, butt plugs can also help you access your prostatethe walnut-shaped gland nuzzled 2 to 3 inches inside your rear end, and that's capable of producing next-level, full-body orgasms. Once again, regardless of your sexual orientation, if you're a cis guy, you have a prostate, and it can feel damn good to stimulate it.

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Butt plugs are among the most effective ways men can enhance their sexual pleasure while masturbating and with a partner. Butt stuff has nothing to do with sexual orientation and all to do with the pleasure derived from the prostate, a walnut-sized gland located roughly two to three inches inside the rectum, as well as the sensitive area around the anus.

The prostate is jam-packed with nerve endingsalmost as many as the clitoris, which is why it feels delectable when properly touched. Butt plugs, along with prostate massagersare specifically deed to stimulate the prostate.

When you add vibrations to these anal sex toys, it can feel even better. That's why we love vibrating butt plugs. The vibrations reverberate throughout your body, which lead to full-body orgasms, as opposed to localized orgasms that only feel pleasurable around your penis.

Now, you may have an aversion to vibrating butt plugs—or any kind of anal sex toy—because of poop. We get it. That said, if you douche beforehand, which is a simple processyou should be in the clear. With all that out of the way, here are the 10 best vibrating butt plugs currently on the market.

Fair warming, because they vibrate, these plugs are a little pricier than other sex toysalthough we included a few cheaper ones on the list. Lovehoney's Butt Tingler is the biggest bang for your buck. This multi-colored butt plug from b-Vibe simulates being rimmed.

It's an incredible sensation to feel like someone is eating your ass while your prostate is being stimulated. There are no bells and whistles with Tracey Cox's butt plug, but it sure is hell gets the job done, and for only 50 bucks.

17 butt plugs for men—and how to use them during sex

We love the snug plug because the skinny bottom portion helps it fit super comfortably inside your rectum. You can easily wear this one while penetrating your partner, and not worry about it falling out! The Vice 2 has a different shape than other butt plugs on the market, which is why some people find it particularly pleasurable. Hey, everyone's butt is different. Check out our full review of the Duke.

10 vibrating butt plugs to take your pleasure to new depths

You can end up getting the toy roughly inches inside of you, so you're going past your prostate. It's definitely not a toy for beginners, but damn, it feels good.

The Hush butt plug from Lovense is ideal for long-distance play. Using the app, your partner can control the vibrations inside of you from anywhere in the world. With a slim and flexible neck, this is a great butt plug for beginners.

It's made of high-quality silicone, so it feels silky smooth on your insides. This butt plug has three different motors that stimulate three different sections of your rear end. Say hello to heavenly orgasms. For its low, low price, this vibrating butt plug is a very solid choice. The curved texture on the head allows for a unique anal sensation. United States. Type keyword s to search.

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